Octagon SX888 12 Months IPTV. Plug & Play IPTV BOX


Octogon SX888 IPTV Plug & Play Device. Comes with 12 Months IPTV Gift Included.


Octagon SX888 IP HEVC Full HD LAN USB H.265 IPTV m3u VOD Stalker Xtream Multimedia Box with 1 Year Custom Firmware.

This is the amazing SX888 IPTV Box. It can use a MAG portal for IPTV and can record IPTV via USB.
Simple to use main menu and feature packed. This is one gem of a box an very simple to use.
The main purpose of the SX888 is for IPTV , and can also play files from USB too if needed.

The Octagon SX888 is wifi ready, but a USB Dongle will be needed if you want this to be a wireless device. Please see other items or ask us.

With the Octagon SX888 + H2.65 HEVC HD, viewers can take full advantage of the multimedia possibilities such as Stalker, XTREAM IP (IPTV), YouTube, RedTube, Internet Radio + (Webradio) and much more.

Description & tech stuff:
OCTAGON SX 888 IP – HEVC H. 265 HD IPTV set-top box

The OCTAGON SX888 H. 265 HEVC HD is the further development of the SX Series now with even better performance and optimized for IPTV streaming. The device is small only 11cm x 11cm x 2cm. This product meets all of broadband provided by the provider. In this context, an unbeatable convenient use is allows the end user. The Octagon SX888 meets all modern requirements for a multimedia device, including support for streaming media, video on video-on-demand (VoD), playback of digital channels in a high quality, as well as access to the OTT content (Stalker, XTREAM IP (IPTV), YouTube, RedTube, Internet radio (Web radio) + and others) and contains even a Web browser.
With the Octagon SX888 H. 265 HEVC HD can viewers the diversity of multimedia possibilities fully exploit such as stalker, XTREAM IP (IPTV), YouTube, RedTube, Internet radio (Web radio) + etc.
Main Features:
-H. 265 HEVC HD processor
-GX3201H national chip set 32-bit
-CK610M 600 MHz
-2GBit RAM DDR3 (256MB)
-1GBit Flash SPI NAND (128MB)
-HDMI 1.4 & S / PDIF

-H. 265 HEVC HD IPTV set-top box
-Stalker & Xtream TV
-Web TV & VOD video club
-IPTV m3u, m3u8, m3u8plus, AutoGet m3u
-Custom IPTV portal and logo support
-Internet radio & YouTube
-2 x USB 2.0 ports
-User friendly OSD interface
-WebIF & FTP access
-Network 10/100 Mbit LAN RJ45
-WiFi (WLAN) up to 300mbps via USB
-3 GB modem via USB
-DLNA player
-Built-in Media Player
-iOS and Android app (.apk) remote control & Web browser
-EPG – electronic program guide
-4 x programmable buttons on the remote control
-3 x direct buttons for WebTV, VOD, and YouTube
– 0.5 W stand-by
-Dimensions (Lxwxh) 110mm x 110mm x 20mm
-LED indicator (green / red)
-IR sensor (infrared receiver)
– HDMI output
-Digital audio (S/PDIF) connector
-AV – audio video Jack – Jack to RCA
-10/100 Mbit network connection
-DC 5V power supply
Page (left):
-2 x USB 2.0 port
-RS232 socket
Scope of supply:
-Receiver OCTAGON SX888 IP
– Remote control
-2 x batteries
– HDMI cable
-Operating instructions (German & English)


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Weight399 kg

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